Save money and water -- replace your old toilet with a low or dual-flush one

Older toilets use 13 or more litres per flush. New low flush toilets require only 4.8 litres per flush. Toilets make up 30 percent of indoor water use. Using one-third less water means you can save 200 litres a day or 70,000 litres a year.   By replacing your old toilet, you could use up to one-third less water!

What is the Toilet Rebate Program?

The Town of Ladysmith is offering a lifetime maximum of two rebates per residence or business. This offer is valid for toilets purchased after May 1, 2005.  The amount of your rebate depends on the water efficiency of the toilet.  A single 6 litre flush toilet rebates at minimum of $75.00 or a dual 4.1/6 flush litre rebates at a minimum of $75.00.  Proof of proper disposal of a 13L or greater toilet is required.  Toilet Rebate Brochure

Who is eligible for the rebate?

This offer is only for owners of buildings that are connected to the Town’s water and sewer systems. The rebate is valid for toilet retrofits only. Renovations installing an additional toilet, and new buildings, are not eligible. There is a lifetime limit of two toilet rebates per residential or commercial unit.

Simple toilet replacements do not require a plumbing permit; however, if you are renovating or building new, you must apply for a building permit.

What about my old toilet?

The removed toilet must not be used as a working toilet again, for example it can not be taken to the “RE” store or given to someone else to use.  Old toilets can be dropped off  for a nominal fee at  Peerless Road Drop-off Depot, 10830 Peerless Road, Ladysmith.

How do I choose a good low flush toilet?

There are many web sites and retailers to help you decide. The Town cannot recommend specific brands, but toilets must be CSA approved, high efficiency maximum 6 litre flush or maximum 4.1/6 litre dual flush toilet. Toilets may be installed by the resident or by a licensed plumber. Low-flush toilets install like any other toilet.

How Do I Get My Rebate?

Complete the application form and include original receipt for proof of purchase and verifying that the new toilet is CSA approved, high efficiency, maximum 6 litre flush or a dual 4.1 & 6 litre flush toilet.  Mail or drop off application to City Hall, 410 Esplanade, PO Box 220, Ladysmith, BC V9G 1A2, 250.245.6400.
Toilet Rebate Brochure

Town staff will review your application and, if you qualify, apply a minimum $75.00 credit per eligible low flush or dual flush toilet (up to two toilets per residence or commercial unit) to your utility account. 

Submission of an application does not guarantee a rebate, and receipts must be dated after May 1, 2005.