Sep 17, 2021

Town receives $296,343 for active transportation projects

The Town of Ladysmith is receiving a BC Active Transportation Infrastructure Grant in the amount of $296,343 to improve pedestrian safety and expand our existing active transportation network.

Council previously endorsed the Town contributing up to an additional $127,500 towards the total project budget as a condition of the cost-shared funding delivered by the Province.

As a result, the Town will construct a sidewalk along Colonia Drive from Brown Drive Park/Kinsmen Park to Malone Road, as well as along Delcourt Avenue up to Dunsmuir Crescent.  

Completing the sidewalk will provide important pedestrian connections to the Frank Jameson Community Centre, Ladysmith Secondary, Ladysmith Primary, as well as the Holland Creek Trail.

“Creating more sustainable solutions for reaching key destinations in Ladysmith supports Ladysmith Council’s ongoing efforts to mitigate climate change at the community level,” said Mayor Aaron Stone.  “The Official Community Plan review is similarly focused on ensuring now and in the future we make the necessary investments so that residents can feel comfortable walking, biking or riding a scooter to their destination.”

The Provincial funding and Town contributions will also help purchase three e-bike charging stations and bike racks, to be installed in the downtown, Brown Drive Park and Transfer Beach, further expanding our cycling infrastructure.

The Town will also complete bike sharing road markings along Colonia Drive and Delcourt Avenue and install crosswalks in this area to maintain the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

Additionally, the Town will purchase two pedestrian/cyclist counters to monitor the impact of these enhancements.

The Town will proceed with tendering the project in the near future.  The anticipated start date for construction is spring 2022.

The funding announcement came on the final day of the Union of BC Municipalities convention, which was once again held virtually this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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