Oct 09, 2015

Town Serves Notice on Unauthorized Boats in Ladysmith Harbour

The Town of Ladysmith has served notice on boats that are anchored and moored in Ladysmith Harbour’s DL 651 in contravention of the Town’s Zoning Bylaw.

In response to community concerns about the condition and use of boats in the harbour, the Town recently changed its Zoning Bylaw to define the type of short-term moorage that is allowed in DL 651.  Under the new Marina Zone, moorage in DL651 is limited to  seven days,.

Under the notice delivered on October 8 by the Town’s Bylaw Officer, the boats must be removed by November 15.  After that date, the Town may take further action, including removal of any unauthorized boat, float, dock or mooring buoy without further notice.