Dec 04, 2015

Nuisance Abatement and Property Maintenance Bylaws Adopted

Council recently passed a new Nuisance Abatement Bylaw and Property Maintenance Bylaw.  These bylaws set the framework for dealing with nuisance properties and set out criteria for making sure that properties in Ladysmith are maintained to a specific standard.  While most property owners maintain their properties to a high standard, a few do not. These bylaws will help ensure that you can enjoy your home and property without being negatively affected by your neighbours..

Specifically, some of the issues addressed in the bylaws are:

  • activities or any matter that may disturb the quiet, peace, rest, enjoyment, comfort or convenience of individuals or the public;
  • placing graffiti on a wall, fence, or elsewhere on or adjacent to a public place;
  • allowing water, or refuse, garbage or other material that is noxious, offensive or unwholesome to accumulate on a property;
  • throwing bottles, broken glass, or other refuse in any open place;
  • allowing a property to become unsightly;
  • allowing a property to become overgrown with weeds or other growths.

When a property becomes a chronic or significant problem, there is now a process to address the issues.  The process involves the cooperation of other agencies such as Ladysmith Fire Rescue, the RCMP, social services agencies, Vancouver Island Health Authority, the BC Safety Authority, and others as required.

For more information on these bylaws, click on  the links below to veiw on, or call City Hall at 250.245.6400 for information.

Nuisance Abatement Bylaw Property Maintenance Bylaw 
To report a violation of these bylaws, please fill out the Bylaw Violation Report and return it to City Hall or email to