Sep 22, 2016

Organizational Changes Announced at Town of Ladysmith

LADYSMITH, September 22, 2016 – Chief Administrative Officer Guillermo Ferrero has announced changes to the organizational structure at the Town of Ladysmith.

Highlights of the changes, which are effective immediately, include:

  • The position of Director of Corporate Services, left vacant with a recent retirement, will not be filled. 
  • A new exempt position to support Council and the City Manager’s office will be created. 
  • The title of the Manager of Administrative Services will be changed to Manager of Legislative Services and will assume the statutory role of Corporate Officer. 
  • A new part-time Communications Advisor position or contract will be created to enhance timely delivery of information to our community.  Details of the position are still being finalized.

Council approved the changes at its September 19th Council meeting.  The new structure has also been endorsed by the Town’s Labour-Management Committee.

“With recent changes at the senior staff level, the Town had an opportunity to explore a different organization structure to support Council’s strategic priorities and most effectively use human and financial resources,” said Chief Administrative Officer Guillermo Ferrero. “I am excited about the benefits that these changes will bring to the Town and look forward to continuing to work closely with our talented and dedicated staff team to serve our community and our Council.” 

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Guillermo Ferrero
Chief Administrative Officer
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