Jun 12, 2017

Ladysmith accepts offer for Town-owned land at 900 Russell Road

Ladysmith, June 12, 2017 – An accepted offer is in place for the sale of Town of Ladysmith-owned property at 900 Russell Road. The land has been publicly offered for sale since 2010.

"Town Council is grateful for input from neighbours of 900 Russell Road," said Ladysmith Mayor Aaron Stone. "Their advice and suggestions, whether in person at the June 5 Council meeting, in writing, or by phone, provided us with valuable information that we then used during the sale negotiations."

Under the terms of the offer, the purchaser of the property has agreed to Council’s request to set aside 1.4 acres or approximately 15 per cent of the 9.4 acre parcel for use as parkland. Council specifically requested the area encompass the flat open area of the property, as suggested by nearby residents at the June 5 council meeting.  

A covenant is to be registered on the title of the property to preserve the parkland and provide for future dedication of the land to the Town.  In addition, the offer ensures two public access points to the parkland area, as well as a connection to a large natural park area south and west of 900 Russell Road.

"Selling the property will help us to make important investments in the future of our community to benefit all residents of Ladysmith," said Mayor Stone. 

With respect the 1.4 acres of parkland, Council will follow the recommendations outlined in the Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan, adopted in 2016 after broad community consultation, which provides direction about the type of parks and amenities that are desirable for the south end of Ladysmith.  There will also be opportunity for further consultation with area residents about development of the parkland after it has been dedicated.