Jun 05, 2020

Town reopens all playgrounds, encourages hand hygiene and physical distancing

The Town of Ladysmith is excited to be reopening playgrounds on Friday, June 5 for the enjoyment and health of our community as residents work hard to stay safe and help keep the curve flat.
Reducing the potential for germs to spread is important during this slow and gradual period of reopening. Children, parents and caregivers who are feeling sick should stay home, without exceptions.
Please be aware that playground equipment in our parks is not being cleaned or disinfected.
As we welcome you back to our playgrounds, the Town is installing updated signage with guidelines and tips promoting a shared understanding of the standard for safety and hygiene.
The decision to reopen our playgrounds aligns with BC’s Restart Plan and is guided by advice from public health agencies, the BC Recreation and Parks Association and the Canadian Playground Safety Institute.
Here’s some tips to review before visiting the playground:
- Adhere to physical distancing guidelines (2 metres or 6 feet)
- Wash your hands before coming to the park and after arriving back home
- Bring hand sanitizer or antiseptic wipes to use as needed
- Consider visiting the playground at less busy times
- Avoid sharing equipment, toys, food, water bottles or other personal items
- Do not congregate in large groups
As a reminder, all sports fields as well as the Ladysmith Skatepark are open for unstructured play.
Please follow the guidelines above as we all continue to do our part to keep our community safe.