Nov 09, 2020

Our commitment to providing clean, safe and reliable drinking water

The Town of Ladysmith strives to provide clean, safe and reliable drinking water through the responsible operation and monitoring of our water supply system. 

The newly commissioned Water Filtration Plant (WFP) is an important part of managing this service for our residents - treating the surface water flowing from Holland and Stocking Lake in order to meet or exceed BC regulatory guidelines.

The benefits of the WFP include reducing turbidity, removing dissolved organics and bacteria, and ensuring a reliable drinking water supply to meet the needs of our community now, and for decades to come.

As part of the treatment process, the Provincial Health Authority requires that we chlorinate the water in order to eliminate viruses.   The Town has decreased the chlorine dose in the water due to new advanced treatment processes as part of the commissioning of the new plant. 

Regular testing of our water is also an important part of ensuring we are adhering to these drinking water standards.

The Town has recently heard from residents expressing feedback on their tap water.   We take this input seriously in effectively managing the delivery of our water service.

If you are concerned with your water quality, we ask that they call the Infrastructure Services department at 250-245-6445.

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