Jan 28, 2021

A joint statement from Chief Roxanne Harris and Mayor Aaron Stone

We are saddened and frustrated to hear of reports of racism again raising its ugly head in our community. This is our shared community, with Ladysmith located wholly within Stz'uminus Territory.

Over many years, our communities have worked hard to come together in the spirit of reconciliation, healing, cooperation and working together as one. We must not let the few speak for the many here who support this important progress. We must stand against racism in all its forms.

We have embarked on a great effort to renew relationships and rebuild the trust in our communities. We have worked very hard to educate and provide opportunities for all to learn, reconcile and move forward from past misdoings and hurt. We have initiated so many projects that improve the lives of everyone living here - coming together to find shared understanding and mutual prosperity.

In sharing this close connection, we are saddened and hurt to hear of instances where racist remarks and attitudes reopen healing wounds.

Let us be clear - Stz'uminus First Nation and the Town of Ladysmith stand united in our unyielding condemnation of racism in all its forms. We stand together, now more than ever, and speak out loudly against discrimination - any place and at any time.

Let love and kindness prevail as we support each other through this difficult time.