Jun 16, 2021

Ladysmith Sustainability Ambassadors leading community outreach initiatives

The Town of Ladysmith is pleased to introduce its two Sustainability Ambassadors who will be leading community outreach initiatives this summer, including the launch of an initial survey to identify opportunities for meaningful change.

Chloe Duff and Gwen Janz are both University of Victoria students with a passion for the environment who will be implementing a new sustainability program in the coming months.

The first phase in the program involves gathering feedback through a survey that will help guide future projects and public engagement reflecting the needs of residents, specifically around the themes of water conservation and contaminated recycling.

The survey is available now until July 9, 2021 through the Town’s website.  Let us know your feedback for how we can make Ladysmith a more green community to live, work and play.

Chloe and Gwen will also be walking and biking around town, collecting survey responses and speaking with the public about all things sustainability.     

The sustainability program supports Council’s strategic goals for mitigating the impacts of climate change as we work together as stewards of our environment.

A key focus of the program is partnering with the community to improve waste disposal education and recycling efficiency.  Recent data showed 9% of recycling collected in Ladysmith is contaminated, meaning non-recyclable items or garbage are ending up in recycling system.

The Town’s goal is to improve our recycling efforts and reduce the volume of unnecessary waste delivered to the landfill. 

Additionally, the Ambassadors will use their knowledge of green initiatives to increase awareness among residents and businesses about water conservation and our distribution system.

Gwen and Chloe are eager to make an impact and answer any questions you have as the program begins to take shape.  Future projects may include, pop-up booths, virtual tours, and discussion groups, in accordance with the latest Provincial Health Orders.

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More about the Sustainability Ambassadors:

Chloe is a third year student at the University of Victoria studying marine biology. She is passionate about the conservation of our oceans, as well as sustainability in general. Chloe is originally from Winnipeg and moved to the Island in 2019 for school, and to be closer to the ocean. She’s very happy to be a Sustainability Ambassador for the Town of Ladysmith this summer, and hopes to make a positive impact in the community.

Email Chloe with your sustainability ideas: cduff@ladysmith.ca

Gwen grew up on the North Coast of Germany. Growing up in a dynamic coastal environment, she has always had an interest in ecosystem health and functioning. This inspired her to travel and see what other communities are doing to solve environmental issues. When she moved to Vancouver Island five years ago, Gwen started a degree in Geography & Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria to learn about more ways to contribute to sustainability. Her mission is to help communities in the place she now calls home to achieve their sustainability goals and build social-ecological resilience in times of great change.

Email Gwen with your sustainability ideas: gjanz@ladysmith.ca

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