Sep 24, 2021

OCP Review Big Ideas Fair public engagement coming to downtown Ladysmith

The Town of Ladysmith is hosting a Big Ideas Fair as part of the ongoing public engagement for the Ladysmith Unparalleled 2049: Official Community Plan Review.

The Big Ideas Fair is an opportunity to have your voice heard on how you envision Ladysmith now, and in the future – we promise your participation in this fun and interactive event doesn’t involve filling out another survey!

Next weekend, downtown Ladysmith will be buzzing with interactive booths allowing for an inclusive and informal opportunity for everyone to be heard. The drop-in gathering is being held rain or shine on 1st Avenue at Gatacre Street on Saturday, October 2, 2021 from 11 am to 5 pm.  Due to the outdoor setting there is also plenty of space for people to physically distance.

How will we continue to mitigate climate change?  What can we do to encourage active transportation?  What do you cherish now about our town that needs to be preserved? What’s missing in your neighbourhood?

Project consultants from Ahne Studio, Town staff and OCP Steering Committee members will all on hand at the Big Ideas Fair to hear your feedback. Your participation during the public engagement phase of the OCP Review will have a direct impact on the process moving forward and the final plan.   

Happening in conjunction with the Big Ideas Fair, which is not to be missed, are three Walkshops organized for North Ladysmith, Downtown/Historic Ladysmith and the Waterfront Area.

What’s a Walkshop? Join a facilitator as you engage in a conversation with fellow residents about the current state and future of a particular area of town.  All ideas are welcome and we don’t expect that you’re an expert on planning or urban design.

The Walkshops will be departing at 11:30 am, 1 pm and 3:30 pm. See below for a detailed description of what’s planned and some of the discussion topics.  If you require extra assistance to participate in the Walkshops we’re here to help.  Email project planning consultant Tim Shah at

We’ll be providing additional details early next week on how to register for a Walkshop, as well as specific departure times and locations for each tour.

Walkshop Descriptions

Tour #1: Downtown / Historic Ladysmith

Downtown Ladysmith is the heart of the town, providing a pedestrian-oriented venue for people to gather, bump into each other, enjoy a boutique shopping experience surrounded by historic character. This tour will explore the unique aspects of the downtown’s streetscape, including how some of Ladysmith’s streets accommodate multiple modes of transportation while others are more auto-centric in their design. The tour will also look at the downtown’s residential and commercial form and the type of land use mix that is needed in the future to create an environment that supports businesses and offers housing and transportation choices to residents.

Tour #2: North Ladysmith / Holland Creek

North Ladysmith is characterized as predominantly residential with most residents living within a 5-minute walk to parks, nature, and green space. Yet, due to the area’s geography, most amenities and services are farther away and harder to access by foot or bicycle resulting in more trips by car. This tour will explore the housing and transportation characteristics of North Ladysmith with a focus on the development patterns near Kinsmen Park. Sixth Avenue will also be explored as an important corridor that provides access to schools and recreational destinations. The tour will conclude at the trail head for Holland Creek at 6th Avenue and Methuen Street.

Tour #3: Waterfront Area

The Town’s waterfront plays an important role in the quality of life of the community today and is central to the identity and success of Ladysmith in the future. The 2018 award-winning Waterfront Area Plan provides a bold vision to develop the waterfront area in a way that creates opportunity for community prosperity, ecological regeneration, and brownfield restoration while honouring past, present, and future generations. The future development of the waterfront area is a critical part of the Town’s future but there remain several unaddressed challenges including overall access to the area and the impacts of climate change. This tour will explore the larger waterfront area including Transfer Beach Park, the harbour, and the industrial lands.

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