Jan 04, 2022

Garbage, Recycling and Organics Collection Update

The Town of Ladysmith understands the ongoing frustration of residents whose solid waste collection day was missed in recent days.

Our residents expect that collection will occur as scheduled and when that doesn’t occur it’s an inconvenience to hold your garbage, recycling and compost items for longer.

However, inclement weather at this time of year has the potential to cause unforeseen disruption. Even after the snow stops, some roads can be unpassable for a couple of days as our crews work to keep our road network clear. Town staff will continue to salt/sand roads and plough priority roads and then secondary roads.

Over the holidays, Ladysmith received upwards of 50 cm of snowfall and freezing temperatures made for slippery road conditions.

Collection trucks are heavy vehicles that require good traction due to the constant starting and stopping. Snow berms also create additional hazards for the service provider when collecting the refuse.

On Tuesday, Waste Connections attempted to complete the Green Route and several missed roads from last Friday on the Blue Route.  Collection was suspended mid-morning due to the icy roads.

We also understand that there are residents on the Orange, Yellow and Red Routes who are waiting on further updates due to missed pickup days over the holidays.

We continue to ask for your patience as the weather forecast for the coming few days is not on our side.  Snowy and icy conditions are expected on Tuesday and a winter storm warning has been issued by Environment Canada for our area on Wednesday night.

Updates and changes to your collection schedule will continue to be posted on our website and social media.