Feb 08, 2022

Ladysmith holding active transportation engagement sessions as part of Official Community Plan update

The Town of Ladysmith wants to get you moving up, down and all around our community as we gather your feedback on both the current challenges and potential opportunities for more active transportation initiatives.

Active transportation describes any form of human-powered transportation, such as walking, cycling, or rolling using a skateboard, inline skates, wheelchair, or other wheel-based forms.

The four public engagement sessions planned for late February and early March include electric bike tours and walking tours, with the aim of incorporating your feedback as part of policy direction in Ladysmith’s Official Community Plan review.

With transportation accounting for 55% of Ladysmith’s greenhouse gas emissions, active transportation choices are among the most environmentally friendly, economical, and healthy alternatives for reaching your destination.  

Pedal Power

Two 90- minute public engagement sessions are scheduled for Saturday, March 12, 2022 (NEW time) with electric bike (e-bike) tours taking place in Downtown + North Ladysmith as well as South Ladysmith

Intimidated by Ladysmith’s hills? You’re not alone, but thankfully, we’ve got you covered with a complimentary e-bike to use during these organized tours - just bring your helmet and your big ideas!

The bikeshops (bike tours) will explore what needs to change to make cycling a preferred and safer transportation choice here in Ladysmith.

The tours are ‘geared’ towards every level of cyclist and will include both time on two wheels as well as opportunities for discussion.

Space is limited to 7 participants for each tour and we kindly ask that all participants not be current owners of electric bikes. 

Downtown and North Ladysmith Bike Tour

South Ladysmith Bike Tour

Walk and talk

Two 60-minute public engagement sessions are scheduled for Saturday, March 5, 2022 with walkshops starting in Downtown as well as South Ladysmith.

The walkshops provide residents with an opportunity to observe, discuss, and problem-solve on ways to make our roads and sidewalks more accessible to all pedestrians.

How can Ladysmith’s streets be better designed for people to feel safer while out walking, cycling, and rolling? What opportunities are there for better connectivity between neighbourhoods and destinations such as schools, stores and recreation areas such as the waterfront and parks?

Come join us for these exciting public engagement sessions as we work together to update our Official Community Plan and create an unparalleled vision for Ladysmith now, and in our shared future.  

Downtown Ladysmith Walkshop

South Ladysmith Walkshop

The Town acknowledges the receipt of funds through the Province’s Active Transportation Planning program to complete this scope of engagement tied to the OCP and the subsequent research and policy development.

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Key Highlights

  • * The Town of Ladysmith is engaging with residents on opportunities for improving active transportation as part of the Official Community Plan review.


  • * Bikeshops (bike tours) are planned for Saturday, March 12, 2022 for North Ladysmith and South Ladysmith.Participants will be provided with a complimentary electric bike for use during the tour.


  • * Walkshops are planned for Saturday, March 5, 2022 for Downtown + North Ladysmith and South Ladysmith to discuss ways to make our roads and sidewalks safe and accessible for active transportation. Helmets are mandatory and not provided.


  • * The Town received funding through the Province’s Active Transportation Planning program to complete further engagement, research and policy development tied to the Official Community Plan review.


  • * Watch the Town’s website for more updates on the Official Community Plan review and public engagement opportunities for you to have your input in shaping the future of Ladysmith.


For Information:
Mike Gregory
Communications and Engagement Specialist
mgregory@ladysmith.ca | 250.210.1740