May 05, 2022

Ladysmith Council adopts 2022 budget and property tax rates

Ladysmith Council adopted the 2022 budget and corresponding property tax rates at its meeting on Tuesday, once again prioritizing capital projects that renew our aging infrastructure, upgrade public facilities as well as improve the high level of service delivery.

This year, Ladysmith’s municipal taxes are increasing 3.8% for a single-family dwelling with a year-over-year increased property assessment value of 34.3% - the average for residential properties in town as determined by BC Assessment. 

Both the Water Parcel and Sewer Parcel Taxes are unchanged for 2022. Parcel taxes help to ensure that the Town’s infrastructure is property maintained.

Have you used the Property Tax Calculator on our website to see an estimate and quick facts regarding your property taxes?

Each year, property taxes collected by the municipality help to cover the ongoing costs of roadwork, water and sewer projects, other infrastructure improvements, maintaining parks and keeping our community safe.

The capital projects to be completed this year align with Council’s Strategic Priorities for Infrastructure, Community, Waterfront and Economy.

Ladysmith Council also allocates financial support for local community organizations through Grants-in-Aid.  In 2022, over $60,000 is being distributed through this policy to 14 local groups, including funds for late applications and waving of fees. 

The Town does not control tax rates set by other jurisdictions or agencies such as the School District, Vancouver Island Regional Library, Cowichan Valley Regional District and the Hospital.

Among the list of capital projects to be completed by the Town, include:

  • *  Replacement of strength training equipment at the FJCC Fitness Centre.
  • *  Complete accessibility audit of Town parks and facilities and implement identified priority action items.
  • *  Construction design of Lot 108 Phase 1– artificial turf practice pitch, accessible walkway, 4th Avenue parking lot upgrades. 
  • *  Demolition of former food bank building on Buller Street and Transfer Beach Park concession.
  • *  Purchasing of single axle dump plow truck and snow equipment.
  • *  Water main replacement on Parkhill Terrace, as well as French, Kitchener and Methuen streets.
  • *  Ongoing remediation of the waterfront uplands as part of the Waterfront Area Plan implementation.
  • *  Completion of the Official Community Plan Review.


Federal and Provincial grants also help to offset some of our capital costs and reduce the burden on our taxpayers and we will continue to apply for various opportunities.

Additional projects that are being completed this year as a result of Provincial and/or Federal grant funding, include:


  • *  Transfer Beach Park improvements to the public washroom, picnic shelters, new paved walkway and bike racks and service stations.
  • *  Colonia Drive – Delcourt Avenue active transportation sidewalk, crossing and bike sharrows upgrades.
  • *  Ongoing implementation of the Arts & Heritage Hub Plan.
  • *  Root Street Park playground replacement.


Residential property owners are reminded that the Town is no longer processing Home Owner Grants (HOG) as of last year. More instructions on how to claim your HOG through the Province can be found on your tax bill.

Property owners are encouraged to pay their property taxes and claim their Home Owner Grant by the July 4, 2022 due date to avoid a 2% penalty. Please note that an additional penalty of 8% will be applied to unpaid property taxes and/or unclaimed Home Owner Grant at 4:00 p.m. on September 15.

Information about the budget is available on our website, and at City Hall. We encourage you to review the details and direct comments or questions to Town staff.

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For Information:

Mike Gregory
Communications and Engagement Specialist | 250.210.1740