Jun 06, 2023

Town's Sustainability Ambassadors set to begin summer recycling audits

The Town of Ladysmith's sustainability program is back this summer and our ambassadors will be out conducting curbside recycling audits in the coming weeks. 

Ladysmith currently sits at a 4.2% contamination rate for its recycling, which includes only non-recyclable items. 

However, this statistic is likely higher as it does not account for items such as glass, soft plastics and flexible plastics which contribute to contamination but can be brought to either the CVRD Peerless Road Recycling Centre or The Junction Bottle Depot. 

Recycling BC has set the acceptable rate of contamination at 3%. 

We're encouraging households to be aware of recycling best practices as we all work together towards our goal of waste reduction. 

Beginning Tuesday, June 6, 2023, with the Blue Route, the ambassadors will be cycling around the community to check recycling bins for contamination. 

If any contamination is found, it will be left in a clear bag along with a flyer explaining where it can go!

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