Jan 26, 2024

Town hosting Dinner & Dialogue #2 to improve affordability and inclusion

The Town of Ladysmith and the Poverty Reduction Task Group (PRTG) of local agencies are hosting the next in a series of community Dinner & Dialogue events as part of the Community Together to End Poverty Hw-nuts’-ulwum (as one) project.

The second of the four events is scheduled for Wednesday, January 31, 2024 at 5:30pm at Aggie Hall and includes a free dinner for attendees. 

This event builds on the first session from December 2023 where Ladysmith and Stz’uminus residents learned more about the Town’s Poverty Reduction Strategy and actions taken to date, as well as discussed the challenges and local solutions for improving affordability, equity and inclusion.

Next week's event is a continuation of these themes, diving deeper into exploring and prioritizing which actions should be taken next to improve affordability and inclusion locally.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join these events at any point, even if they have not attended previous sessions.

By the end of the fourth event, it is the Town and PRTG’s hope that those who participate will see themselves as part of the solutions and be inspired and motivated to continue participating in the outcomes that are prioritized throughout this process.

A key priority of Council's 2023-2026 Strategic Plan is developing comprehensive affordability strategies that reflect the needs within our community.

These events are made possible through funding received by the Province’s Poverty Reduction Planning and Action program with other actions that will focus on the areas of food equity and access to education and employment.

For more information on the strategy and current initiatives, visit the Town’s website