Town of Ladysmith is updating its Official Community Plan (OCP) to help manage growth and change in a way that helps our community meet its goals.

An OCP is a policy document that influences how people experience their town. This includes how
we live, gather, work, learn, recreate, shop, and move around the community.  At its heart, an OCP is about managing land use and physical growth of the town.

As a result, an OCP influences transportation and housing choices, greenhouse gas emissions, community character, health and equity, housing affordability, protection of ecological areas, resource management, and how much it costs to pay for Town infrastructure such a pipes and streets.

Updating the Town's OCP is included in Council’s Strategic Plan for this term. An OCP Steering Committee has been created, including key stakeholders representing various segments of the populations, to help facilitate this process. 

Over the coming months we’ll be completing the public engagement phase of the OCP review and will be seeking the community’s input. 

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